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Building upon a time-tested model for value creation in US onshore

The acquire and exploit model is one of the few E&P models proven to work in low oil price environments ($20/bbl and up).  Over time it has built many of the most successful operating companies by adhering to the following principles:

■    Long lived assets 
■    Religious adherence to low costs
■    Clear ROI for every $ spent
■    Combine our operations track record with proven operators who know the local context
■    Protect the downside

This model continues to offer attractive returns for operations-biased investors


Combining operating experience with new rigor and analytics across the asset life cycle from business development through production 

Operators and investors have neglected US onshore conventional assets since the start of the shale revolution in 2008.  This creates a unique opportunity for experienced operators. OwnResources combines a deep track record operating mature assets with big data analytics across the asset lifecycle to better identify and capture the operating value embedded in the assets we acquire

We bring:


■    Proven Track Record. We are a complementary team  that combines the best of operations, analytics, and management experience

Operations - We have a track record of delivering 30-100%+ returns with mature producing assets.  Beyond the benefits of rising oil price, over 50% of the value created came through operational improvements

Analytics -  We have spent the last 10 years mining data in US onshore to develop new insights around asset quality, basin level strategy, and operator performance 

Management - We have driven both rapid growth in our organizations and supported dramatic performance transformations in the operations at many oil and gas operators

■    Big Data Enabled Deal Selection. The accumulation of historical data, decreasing costs for data acquisition, and declining computing costs are enabling a new horizon of evaluative analytics. We have developed PetroHound, a proprietary algorithm-based model, to comb through this data and identify 15 priority counties / parishes for investing based on the expected operating NPV upside per barrel of reserve. This has enabled us to focus our efforts on deepening our proprietary networks in the highest value areas

■    Proprietary networks. The diversity of our leadership team results in a broad network across small operators, independents, majors, land men, and banks. We grow our network daily through the cultivation of new relationships in our 15 priority counties / parishes

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