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Green field

Own Resources acquires and revitalizes late-life integrated onshore oil and gas assets in the United States


We revitalize the value of our late-life assets through:

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Safe Operations and a Strong License to Operate

We aspire to continuously improve our safety record, maintain strong relationships within local and regional communities, and support the global energy transition by reducing our emissions.

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Sustainable Operations

We invest continually in our assets to extend their life through cost-effective operations. Our approach includes executing work-over programs, optimizing distributed operations, up and mid-stream integration and reducing the field's footprint through active P&A and reclamation programs.


We continually are seeking acquisition opportunities with specific characteristics:

Mature US onshore assets

Oil as well as Gas

Preferably with integrated infrastructure

Mostly PDPs, PDNPs, and low-risk PUDs

Sub 15% decline rates

Perceived potential - operating for upside

$15-100M equity deals

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