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Please note all information on this site is for information only and not intended to be, nor does it constitute legal or tax advice


Revenue checks are issued once per month, usually in the first week of the month, and will be sent through the regular mail (USPS), as we do not offer direct deposit, ACH or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at this time.


Revenue / Billing Statements may be received in electronic form via email. Royalty payments will be issued when an owner’s account reaches a minimum balance of $100.00, or once a year as requested.


Lost revenue checks outstanding after 90 days, with account verification by the account owner, will be voided, and the funds will be included in the next revenue check issued to the account owner.


Occasionally, payments are held due to a title dispute, legal action, interest assignment, notice of death, missing or incorrect personal information. These types of held payments are commonly referred to as “suspense” or “legal suspense”. Payments due to suspense are accumulated and released when the matter affecting ownership has been resolved. Keeping your information updated can prevent this inconvenience.


For owners with an email address, you will have early access to your 1099(s), usually sent in the first week of January. All 1099’s will be emailed or sent USPS no later than January 31st.

​All owner questions and requests may be expedited through email:, but we can also be reached by phone: (970) 332-3585 M-F, 7-4 MT, fax: (970) 332-3587or written request: PO Box 250 Wray, CO 80758.

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